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Wildland fires can be catastrophic for forests but also for homeowners and their property.  Fires are often caused by natural factors, but by far, the largest cause of wildfires is man-related.  Learning about wildfire prevention and what you can do to help will reduce the number of fires.  Preventing forest fires is everyone’s responsibility!  The Northeast Forest Fire Protection Commission's Prevention and Education Working Team (PEWT) offers several ways to take part.  See the Prevention section for more information.


Rudy Wendelin Smokey Bear Art Collection

During the first half of 2023, the NFFPC Compact Prevention Working Team is supporting several displays of the Rudy Wendelin Smokey Bear art collection. This is a great opportunity to share the works of Mr. Wendelin, a well trained and highly respected artist who worked for the USDA Forest Service for between 1933 and 1973.

Although there are nineteen replica paintings, the Compact may elect to only display some of them. Each painting has a short narrative associated with it that states the year it was painted and published as well as interesting details of the painting.

It is our intention that these Smokey Bear paintings be displayed during spring fire season. They have never been displayed in the northeast, so we anticipate a lot of interest. The paintings can be used to draw the public in and appreciate the talent of Mr. Wendelin, not only as a painter, but a true wildfire prevention professional. Would Smokey be as well known if it wasn’t for these paintings? Whenever possible, Compact PWT members should be present at these viewings and include wildfire prevention messages when speaking to the public and the media.

Special thanks to the USDA Forest Service’s National Agricultural Library for loaning these paintings to the NFFPC Compact.

Forest Fires and Drones

Please take the time to view this flyer to learn more about drone safety around forest fires.

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Learn How To Prevent Wildfires

Please take the time to view this flyer to learn more about outdoor fire safety tips that can help you and your friends and family prevent wildfires. Education and prevention is our best defense!

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