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Are you always safe when using fire? Here are a few safety rules to follow:

1. Making a campfire
  • If a campfire is permitted in your area, choose a spot that's cleared of debris, away from the wind and close to water.
  • Always monitor your fire, never leave it unattended.
  • Always extinguish your fire by drowning it with lots of water.
  • Have tools such as a shovel, water bucket and rake nearby in case of an emergency.

2. Burning yard debris

  • Verify if you are allowed to burn yard debris. Some areas have special rules in place and a permit may be required.
  • If burning is permitted, light the fire in a clearing on mineral soil (soil with very little combustible material).
  • Check with your local fire agency for legal times to conduct your debris burning.
  • Always keep an eye on the fire, fine fuels such as leaves, grass and branches burn quickly and can blow away easily.
  • Always have a shovel and garden hose on hand.
  • Always put your fire dead out before leaving the premises by drowning it with lots water.

3. Smoking in or near forested areas

  • Verify if you are allowed to smoke in or near the forest in your area. Some parks have bans regarding smoking during certain periods of the year.
  • If smoking is permitted, choose a clearing in the forest.
  • Do not perform other activities while smoking.
  • Extinguish your cigarette on a rock and be sure it is dead out before discarding in an appropriate manner.

4. Riding an ATV in the forest

  • If riding an ATV in the forest is permitted in your area, ensure that the muffler is in good condition. Clean it out regularly to avoid an accumulation of fine fuels.
  • Turn off the engine when stopped for an extended period of time.
  • Always have a fire extinguisher on hand.
  • Stick to established ATV trails (on mineral soil) and try to avoid areas with underbrush particularly in dry periods.