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The purpose of the NFFPC's Outstanding Service Award is to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the area of wildfire. These efforts include, but are not limited to: wildfire prevention, training, equipment, educational activities, forest management, law enforcement, journalism, media coverage, advertising campaigns, research and development. The award may be presented to anyone or all of the following categories: individuals, organizations and media.


  •  Individual – Made to an individual whose efforts have been, or may be, responsible for reducing the number of wildfire incidents, therefore saving life and property.
  • Organization
  • Media Award – Made to journalists and media that have committed their resources to educating the community and promoting strategies that can be adopted to prevent and mitigate wildfires.


Candidates for each award category are reviewed by the prevention working team. Criteria used by the Selection Committee includes:

  • Exemplary, nonpartisan public service
  • Special achievement on a particular project
  • Respect of peers and subordinates
  • Hard work, dedication and professional attitude
  • Enhancement of Northeastern Forest Fire Protection Compact's mission and image
  • Outstanding Service Over Time



  • 2014 - Roxanne Savoie, Massachusetts
  • 2012 - Richard Schenk, Connecticut
  • 2011 - Olney Knight, Connecticut
  • 2010 - Karl Kenyon, Rhode Island
  • 2009 - Joseph Kennedy, New York
  • 2008 - Joseph McKinnon, New Brunswick
  • 2007 - Alan Sands, Vermont
  • 2006 - Mass. Firewise Team - Ron Aseltine, Shawn Bush, Patty Correia, Phil Gilmore, Michael Marquardt, Rob Johnson, and                   Mark Teixeira
  • 2005 - Nat Whittemore, Massachusetts WBZ-TV Channel 4
  • 2004 - Thomas Brady, WMNF
  • 2003 - Ron Shorey, WMNF & Robert Boyd, New Hampshire
  • 2002 - Tom O'Brien, Connecticut
  • 2001 - none



The purpose of the Northeastern Forest Fire Protection Commission (NFFPC) Wildfire Prevention Award is to honour an individual, group, or media that exemplifies the philosophy of fire prevention. The honour is awarded on an occasional basis.


  • Each nominee is judged on the following criteria:
  • Nominee has made a major contribution or has played a key role in a significant accomplishment in the field of fire prevention.
  • Nominee has demonstrated innovation in establishing and enacting goals and/or obtaining funding for the protection of the public through continuous dedication to fire prevention, fire protection, or life safety programs in their communities.
  • Nominee has demonstrated success in the area of fire prevention. This may include:
    1. Number of people reached.
    2. Demonstrated reduction in loss of life and/or property and/or forest.
    3. Impact on legislation resulting in increased fire safety and prevention.




Through the Cooperative Forest Fire Prevention (CFFP) Program, the USDA Forest Service, the National Association of State Foresters (NASF), and the Advertising Council sponsor the national Smokey Bear Awards to recognize outstanding service in the prevention of human caused wildfires and to increase public recognition and awareness of the need for continuing wildfire prevention efforts. The Smokey Bear Awards are the highest national honour one can receive for outstanding work and significant program impact in wildfire prevention. This merit award has been bestowed on well-deserving groups and individuals annually since 1957.


There are three possible award levels each year, based on the geographical scope of the nominated work:

  • Golden Smokey Bear Award
  • Silver Smokey Bear Award
  • Bronze Smokey Bear Award




  • Congratulations to long-time PEWT member Roxanne Savoie for winning the 2010 National Bronze Smoky Award for wildfire prevention efforts in the Northeast Compact.